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Intgration plugin for Sigma that integrates Sigma Estimates with Autodesk Revit and BIM 360.

Sigma - Autodesk Integration

  • Product Details

    This App will allow you to automate the passing of cost estimating data between your Sigma estimate and Autodesk Revit including takeoff quantities and structures parameters, type code your model from Sigma cost data, bring estimating back to the Revit model. Plus, we’ll include sample data with step-by-step guides to allow you to easily estimating from 3D models and re-use the data from your estimate in new ways.

    • Takeoff quantities from Revit or models stored in BIM360
    • Store Sigma estimate documents in BIM360 Docs
    • Create budgets in BIM360 Cost Management
    • Send 5D estimating data to Sigma Construction Insight, for mobile accessing of 3D-5D data in the field
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