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2022 RSMeans Site Work and Landscape Assemblies

RS Means Site Work and Landscape Assemblies

  • Digital Content - Sigma Library

    Level of Cost Detail: Assembly Costs

    • Assemblies cost guide logically groups individual work items, with appropriate quantities, to provide a cost for a major construction component in a convenient unit of measure.
    • Designed for estimating for infrastructure improvements, environment-oriented construction, hazardous waste, ADA-mandate handicapped access and more. Including costs for polyethylene pipe, insulated concrete forms, aerators, soil nailing, concrete curbs, demolition items, utilities, security items, etc.
    • Exterior improvements, including pavements tasks and materialsBuilding utilities and assembliesMore than 19,800 unit costs and 4,000 assemblies for efficient estimating

    All materials, wages and equipment costs have been reviewed and updated for 2022.

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